JW Music Studio Piano, Guitar and Ukelele Lessons

JW Music Studio Piano, Guitar and Ukulele Lessons


I was taught piano at an early age from a private instructor, primarily focused on classical style music.  Subsequent to learning piano, I began private instruction on the electric guitar from a classically trained player who played in a rock and roll band.  It was at this point where my interest in music skyrocketed and also about the time that I started listening to classic rock and roll music.  I wanted to learn all of the great songs.  I went out and bought a keyboard and the rest is history.  I got asked to play with some high school friends in an oldies rock and roll band, and did that for about 5 years, where I primarily played the keyboard and some rhythm guitar.  Subsequent to that experience I formed a classic rock band with one of the players in the oldies band.  We then recruited three more guys and played together for about 5 years.  In this band I played lead guitar and some keyboard.

I am currently a member of both the Music Teachers National Association and the Texas Music Teachers Association. I continually educate myself through self-study and also continuing education by attending the annual conferences for both associations.

I am a Christian and attend Stepping Stones Church, where you can hear some amazing teaching each week in person on Sunday mornings.

Please consider supporting the arts by keeping them alive in our schools and in the towns we live in. Contact your school and town officials and also your local lawmakers to keep the arts funded and not eliminated! Please see the links for Arts Advocacy on the Resources page.

I also want you to know that I’ve learned from past experience that valuing others genuinely has a positive long-term effect on those you come in contact with. I value you much more than just a student.  I believe in building a relationship that is not just about your lessons but also about you as a person and what is going on in your life.

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JW Music Studio
McKinney, TX

"My daughter enjoys playing the piano. However after starting with Jeff, she cannot wait to get home to practice what she has just learned. I could not put the car in park the other day before she wanted to jump out and play “Let it Be” for me. This is the one time in a long time that I haven’t had to tell her to go practice piano. Jeff has exposed my daughter to a variety of music (classical, jazz and rock), which has really peaked her interest in music.

Jeff is extremely patient, and has a quick response time if my daughter ever has any trouble on a particular piece of music. It is a pleasure having you as my daughter’s piano instructor. I cannot say it enough how impressed I am with your studio. You are very professional and extremely organized. It really helps my daughter to get motivated to play piano with confidence. I would HIGHLY recommend Jeff for your children or even yourself – Thanks for all that you do and we really enjoy working with you Jeff!" -Mother of 3rd Year Piano Student