JW Music Studio Piano, Guitar and Ukelele Lessons

JW Music Studio Piano, Guitar and Ukulele Lessons


IMG_5521-Home-300x200Hello! My name is Jeff Wille. I am the owner of JW Music Studio; I offer professional music lessons in McKinney, TX.

Music is my passion! My mission as a music teacher is to foster that same passion in my students.

Learning music enriches your life – playing an instrument can become an wonderful way to express yourself. I care about your musical education & would love to teach you music!

JW Music Studio offers year round music lessons:

Get the Most Out of Your Music Lessons

It is important to be excited about playing while also receiving a well-rounded musical education. How is this accomplished?

  • I Listen To Your Goals and Questions
  • I Am an Easy Going, Patient Music Teacher
  • Learn to Play Styles of Music that Interest You
  • Customized Music Lessons Based on Your Learning Style to Minimize Frustration

When you take piano, guitar, or ukulele lessons with me, you will be happy with your progress and the music that you are learning.

About JW Music Studio

JW Music Studio is located in McKinney, TX. My students come from many of the surrounding areas (Frisco, Prosper, Celina, etc).

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JW Music Studio
McKinney, TX

"My daughter enjoys playing the piano. However after starting with Jeff, she cannot wait to get home to practice what she has just learned. I could not put the car in park the other day before she wanted to jump out and play “Let it Be” for me. This is the one time in a long time that I haven’t had to tell her to go practice piano. Jeff has exposed my daughter to a variety of music (classical, jazz and rock), which has really peaked her interest in music.

Jeff is extremely patient, and has a quick response time if my daughter ever has any trouble on a particular piece of music. It is a pleasure having you as my daughter’s piano instructor. I cannot say it enough how impressed I am with your studio. You are very professional and extremely organized. It really helps my daughter to get motivated to play piano with confidence. I would HIGHLY recommend Jeff for your children or even yourself – Thanks for all that you do and we really enjoy working with you Jeff!" -Mother of 3rd Year Piano Student