JW Music Studio Piano, Guitar and Ukelele Lessons

JW Music Studio Piano, Guitar and Ukulele Lessons


IMG_5521-Home-300x200Hello, my name is Jeff Wille.  I am the owner and instructor of JW Music Studio.

I absolutely love what I do. Music has been my passion for years now. My mission is to utilize a variety of teaching methods and styles of music to foster that same passion in your life.

  • I believe all of my students should have a well-rounded musical education, in addition to learning how to play their instrument.
  • Your learning will be focused on the style of music that interests you, not necessarily classical styles.
  • I will customize your lessons based on your learning style, to minimize frustration and maximize learning and enjoyment.
  • I believe music will enrich your life and become an important way that you can express your feelings and emotions.

I would love to have you as a student. I am easy going, patient, a great listener and really care about your musical education.  I want you to be happy with your progress and what you are learning, and most importantly to be excited about playing your instrument.

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